The Cookie Pusher

Briana Mims

A little history: The year is 2020, I am pregnant, and it is pre-pandemic. Dessert trends are crazy – decorated milkshakes, over-the-top parties, and anything that could please a person’s sweet tooth and be Instagram-worthy at the same time. My fiancé, though, has the biggest, sweetest tooth of them all. He loves all desserts, but cookies are his favorite by far. His mother baked for us all the time and would make wonderful cookies, brownies, and banana bread.

Back then, however, I couldn’t touch any type of cookie or brownie batter without ruining it. Even prepackaged sugar cookies stress me out from so many burned bottoms! But thanks to my future mother-in-law, my pregnancy cravings were satisfied.

But then I wanted more!!

I wanted a cookie in a cookie that was somehow in another cookie with sprinkles on top. It might sound crazy, but I decided to give it a try. After many failed attempts, I had an epiphany and decided to try my hand at making a stuffed cookie. I started small, trying out a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo inside. And? It came out amazing.

The more people that tried my cookies, the more excited I got. I was making the biggest and most delicious cookies around – we’re talking a half-pound cookie. Today, I’m here to bring the stuffed cookie trend to your home or business, because who doesn’t love the warm and happy feeling you get from a great cookie?

My story’s simple. I’m a 24-year-old New Jersey woman who wants to make people smile and feel that homemade cookie feeling – you know the one. All our cookies here at The Cookie Pusher are stuffed with a sweet surprise to satisfy every sweet tooth. We offer a wide variety of our big cookies and even bigger flavor combinations; just check out our shop.

Let’s get “baked” and create our own delicious memories, together!